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Efficacy of a Novel Epicardium Drug Delivery System for Bone Marrow Stem Cells Treating Heart Failure After Myocardial Infarction

Objective: In this study, we will demonstrate that the epicardium drug delivery system for bone marrow stem cells (EDDS & BMSCs) can treat heart failure.
Methods: 24 rats were randomly allocated into four groups and six animals in each group as follows: Normal group, heart failure after myocardial infarction (HF after MI) group, EDDS and EDDS & BMSCs group. EDDS were implanted in SD rat with post-infarction dilated heart failure. The bone marrow stem cells, which were delivered by the device of subcutaneous tube at post operation seventh days, fifteenth days and twenty-fifth days. Electrocardiogram was measured and blood samples were collected at post operation seventh days, fifteenth days and twentyfifth days. Measurements of rat cardiovascular hemodynamics were obtained at 30th day. The concentrations of BNP were quantified by ELSIA. Myocardial fibrosis was determined by Masson’s trichrome staining quantitative assay.
Results: EDDS and EDDS & BMSCs treatment increased ±dp/dt levels and decreased LVEDP level 30 days after MI. In HF after MI group the level of LVSP was 94.7 mmHg and increased to 109.5 mmHg (p<0.01) in EDDS & BMSCs group. Compared with the HF after MI group (70.5 μg/L), the level of BNP was significantly decreased in the EDDS & BMSCs group (48.0 μg/L, p<0.01) and EDDS group (51.9 μg/L, p<0.01). The area of fibrosis heart tissue was decreased in the EDDS & BMSCs group. The ECG was improved in the EDDS & BMSCs group.
Conclusions: Using BMSCs delivery by EDDS treated heart failure has treatment effect.


Gang Wang, Wenhua Li, Waqas Nawaz, Xiaoqian Liao, Meng-Qi Yang, Li Zhang, Farhan-Ullah Khan, Xiaoming Qi, Dingding Chen, Zhijie Wang, Feng Yu, Lei Han and Xiaohui Zhou

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