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Overview of Gene Regulation in Stem Cell Network to Identify Therapeutic Targets Utilizing Genome Databases

Title: Overview of gene regulation in stem cell network to identify therapeutic targets utilizing genome databases.
Background: Recent major progress in bioinformatics has enabled the collection and accumulation of so-called big data in medical fields and cell biology. It is important to analyze and interpret these abundant data for appropriate application in therapeutics and the treatment of diseases.
Methods and Findings: Several databases have been introduced worldwide, and the utility of these databases is discussed with literatures. The databases are useful for analyzing genome mutations, gene expression, epigenetic regulation, gene ontology, stem cell phenotype alteration, risk prediction, species differences, and so on. Gene network analysis using these databases may identify targets for therapeutics and treatment relating stem cells.
Conclusions: Molecular network regulation is critical for understanding disease and treatment mechanisms.


Shihori Tanabe

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